Audit company "Consultant MG" exists for over 15 years in the areas of audit, accounting, and law serives.
All our services are aimed at development of your bussines in Russia and abroad.

Today "Consultant MG" - is the second generation of professionals in areas of finance, taxes, accounting, and law.

Our big experience allows us to act instantly, find effective solution on any stage and level of our clients business, which allows us to give a complex and professional offer to our clients.

Main principles of our company are responsobility, individual approach with every client and in every situation,
and confidenciality.

Maya Gagua,
general director

Audit company "Consultant MG" exists for over
15 years in the areas of audit, accounting,
and law serives. All our services are aimed
at development of your bussines
in Russia and abroad.

About Company

Legal business support

A comprehensive support of businesses concerning all legal issues arising from realization of economic activity.

We also suggest an individual approach such as subscription-based service scheme depending on the legal form of the company, structure and the nature of business.

Legal due diligence

Complex legal analysis including detailed examination of corporate and management structure, property rights and contract obligations.

Corporate restructuring & Bankruptcy

Business competition brings to an action the process of capital flow from one sector of economy to other more profitable sectors. This reallocation of resources can be performed by the procedure of bankruptcy according to the law.

The bankruptcy legislation involves several forms of restructuring. This complex of procedures shall be executed by professionals to avoid all possible risks.

Legal representation

Representation of your company in courts and public agencies.


Our experts will develop an individual tax minimization scheme for your company and arrange your accounting and tax registration according to the type of your financial and economic activity. It will enable you to avoid plenty of mistakes in accounting during tax assessment.

  • Russian Accounting Standards
  • IFRS and US-GAAP Standards


It is a procedure of independent examination of financial information of any entity. It gives the adequate information about financial systems and the financial records of a company or a business and brings your internal regulations into accordance with the requirements of Russian accounting and procedures.

It is necessary to carry out audit before the re-structuring of the organization, purchasing or opening of a business, investment into a large project.

We conduct an audit according to Russian and International standards established by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board.

Our company offers the following types of audit:

  • Mandatory audit including the financial analysis of the company (audit certificate)
  • Voluntary audit
  • Express-audit
  • International audit


Offshore company - an effective way to use the possibilities offered by the tax legislation of different countries which conduce to the effective minimization of the taxation burden, help to accumulate funds for the further business growth and keep your business in confidentiality.

Bank accounts in Russia & International banking

We are ready to advise an optimal type of account and bank in Russia/a foreign bank corresponding to your business activity or personal needs.

Legally minimize international tax liabilities (Double tax Treaties)

When your business activity involves multiple jurisdictions it is important to avoid double taxes levied twice on the same income.

For that matter many countries have bilateral Double Taxation Treaties with other countries.

Therefore tax amount paid in state – source of income according to its internal tax legislation can be set off in the state of residence of the company.

Initial consultation

We are ready to help you to define the necessary steps towards the process of your business establishment and provide you with the important information regarding possible risks and kernel points of doing business in Russia.

Market analysis

Russian market has its own specifics with the main concentration of business activity in Moscow. Detailed analysis will help you to take a comprehensive view on the key elements with their characteristics before making strategic decision.

Business planning

Taking into consideration the specifics of Russian economy and market relations, the methods of business - planning applied in the other countries are not adoptable for Russia.

We are ready to suggest an individual approach considering your needs and nature of your business to prevent you from undesired effects.

Tours and exhibitions for market research

Your visit to Russia can open the possibility to form your personal impression of business opportunities in this country. We will be glad to organize all necessary meetings for you.

One of the best ways to enter the Russian market is to be presented on the same business ground with the main players of the industry.

A big amount of the international exhibition projects held in Russia is a good chance to estimate the level of activity in particular section of industry.

Company incorporation

There are several forms of legal entities in Russia:

  • OOO – (LLC) limited liability company
  • ZAO – closed joint stock company
  • OAO – opened joint stock company
  • individual entrepreneur
  • non-commercial organization
  • accreditation of branch or representative office of the foreign company
  • incorporation of companies in other jurisdictions with favorable tax treatment;
  • other types of corporate forms under the Civil code of Russian Federation.

We can arrange the full procedure of registration:

  • Drafting constituent documents for registration of the company
  • Registration with the tax authority (Tax registration certificate)
  • Registration in Pension Fund, Social Interest Fund, Compulsory medical insurance Fund.

Accreditation of representative office (branch) in Russia

According to the Russian legislation the representative office of the foreign company is limited in its activity on the territory of Russian Federation, it can only represent and protect the interests of the parent organization. As distinct from the representative office the branch can carry out business activity in Russia in the full scope of its parent company.

Accreditation can be granted for 1,2 or 3 years (5 years for the branch). It can be extended if necessary.

General Director Interim Management

We can maintain the guidance and stability when the temporary provision of managing skills and resources is needed.

If you need a prompt response to the situation or if personal presence at the state authorities is needed you can save your time and reduce additional costs.

Interim management could be relevant in some business situations: merger & acquisition, transition period, crisis management, death, sudden departure, project management, etc.

Interim Financial Management

Some companies during the process of their growth consider as more prudent to have a Chief Accountant or Financial Officer on a temporary basis.

You can have part-time or full-time finance and accounting guidance by choosing this service.

Accounting and Finance Management

is a complex of methods for achievement of the certain results directed on the increase of financial resources and maintenance of the effective functioning of financial system at all levels:

  • Financial analysis
  • Financial forecasting
  • Planning of resources
  • Operative regulation of resources
  • Financial control and accounting of resources

Permits & licensing

Full legal support and preparation of all necessary documents to obtain any permission/license or certificate for your activity.

  • Building permit (accreditation and certificate of the Self - Regulating Organization (SRO certificate)
  • Auditing activities (SRO certificate)
  • Medical license
  • Pharmaceutical license

Foreign labor in Russia

Permits to companies to engage foreign labor. Arrange for obtaining work permits for foreign employees.

Legal address & Office

To incorporate a company you are required to have the legal address of your enterprise in Russia.

We can provide you with the legal address and desired office space corresponding to your needs.